Monday, November 4, 2013

Extra Time

I used to love the change in time, a whole extra hour a sleep, who doesn't love that. Then I became a parent and an extra hour of sleep is just laughable. Wake times begin at un-godly hour. Which leads to sleepy mommys, burnt toast, and copious amounts of coffee.

Like this morning. 
My youngest missed the memo. 5:30 am his little voice could be heard belting out his favorite song, Bob the Builder and the rattling of little wooden blocks started.

Peeling my self out of bed doesn't even start to cover it. Three nights of awful contractions and limited sleep has left me running at less then half capacity. Grumpily I made breakfast for us while big brother snored snuggled still in bed.

Then watching my little guy eat, it hit me. My gift for today. Extra time with my little guy. 

My little guy, who any day now, will make the big leap from littlest to middle child. My little guy who is about to become a big brother. My little guy who makes me laugh harder then anyone else.

My little guy.
My baby.
My gift. 


  1. What a beautiful prospective! I hope that you have a great day and that you enjoyed your precious moments with your baby before little girl arrives :)

  2. so very true! Yesterday was a very early day for us as well! Thank you for the reminder of the gift of time with our little ones. They'll grow big so fast!